Mangrove Cay Bonefish Guide Service 

The Guides

Our guides have years of experience and are among the best. Like all good guides they will see fish before the average angler will and they will be quick to point out to the angler the direction and distance of the fish..... but that's only part of what they do.

When you first meet your guide, he will ask you to make a few casts so he gets a good idea of your capabilities. Next, he will look at your flies and recommend which fly you should start off with. He will then explain how he will communicate to you the direction and distance of the fish. After you cast to your fish, he will recommend when and how fast to strip, when to stop and when to strike.

Our guides are trained professionals. They have successfully completed the Captain's course administered by the Bahamian Coast Guard. The course's topics include navigation, communication and first aid.

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