Mangrove Cay Bonefish Guide Service 

The Fishing

Our principal quarry is the bonefish (Albula vulpes). Its nickname "Ghost of the Flats" is a well deserved one as it blends well with its surroundings and will easily go unnoticed to the untrained eye. 

The bonefish is both predator (his diet consists mainly of small shrimps and tiny crabs) and prey. Sharks, barracudas, ospreys and humans hunt them. As a result, bonefish have developed a keen sense of alertness and will easily spook.

All bonefishing is done with the fly rod. Most anglers prefer 7 to 9 weight rods equipped with weight forward floating lines, nine foot leaders and at least 200 yards of backing.

Most bonefish flies in size 4 will work at one time or another. The best pattern and color at any given time may very well be determined by the characteristics of the sea bottom, time of day, amount of sunlight, wind intensity and what food is most prevalent in that specific location. 


There are no fly shops in either Mangrove Cay or South Andros so bring a good assortment of flies including light tan and dark brown Crazy Charlies, pink Gotchas and Mini (pink) Puffs. Your guide will be most happy to recommend a fly from your fly box.

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